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Flooring Installation

Hi There, #flooring #installation is my favorite topic. If installation of any product is not performed right chances of flooring failing are guaranteed and I am not talking about doing it by the book stuff or following every recommendation of the trend; I am talking about performing installation with a conscience. Actually being in the moment and pay attention to what is going on, mistakes happen and even negligence happen because installers are not fully aware of what is going on.

When floor are being installed, there is magic going on in the air, installers have to possibility to bond with the flooring. Don’t forget we are all made of energy and whatever is going on with us gets reflected in whoever or whatever we come across. When our guys go to a house to install flooring they take their good vibes with them and they transfer that to the new floors. We take flooring installation very seriously and also also have fun doing it. One of the things that separates us from the rest is our relationship with every product we install, besides knowing that it is part of nature; we know that this new product is very important to you. We know you took the time to go thru a lot of samples and asked many questions about quality, warranty, installation procedures and so on, so we always honor that and we honor that by doing the best in every job and working with a conscience. With us your new floor are in good hands, please let us serve to allow your dream floors to come alive.

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