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Tile Installation

Hi there, how are you? The one thing I really love about tile is how elegant and sophisticated it looks. Tile has been designed for #bathrooms and #kitchens, adding a distinct tone to those two very special places of your #home. Some people think #tile is cold and outdated, that is not true at all.

Simply adding radiant heat under makes a huge difference and it feel as worm as sand in spring. You have different types of tile, there is ceramic, porcelain, slate, stone and marble (my absolute favorite). Each one has its unique characteristics and beaty, each one has a particular intention. You will pick the one suite you best and of course you are not alone in this process. At LEO-MAR Floor Covering LLC we have a team of experts who can help you decide which one is the best option for you renovation; besides tile being very elegant and sophisticated. It is very strong (when installed right) plus repairs in tile are a lot easier than other types of flooring, so if an accident may occur and tile ends up damaged or broken, swapping with a new piece is relatively easy. Believe me, that is a big plus when it comes to accidents on the floor, all and all, tile is a very good option for your floors, shower walls and backsplash; consider giving you the pleasure to have this type of material in your house and feel free to let the designer you have in you come out and express. If you have been thinking about floor renovation, shower walls update or even kitchen walls back splash with tile please give us a call and lets guide you thru this wonderful process and end up with your dream come true.

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